Monday, December 10, 2007

Thai Pictures Phi Mai and Ayuttaya

Joe showed up very overdressed for the elephant riding party.

Elephant Taxi service in Surin.

"Bend it like Beckam!" we screamed from the stands.

Sugar cane is delicious.

Elephant darts. If you look closely you can see the yellow dart flying through the air about to pop a balloon. Children stand on either side of the board to act as a wall between the darts and the well manicured lawn.

Mia thinks about not having to pose for the 30th picture of her in front of this exact same row of 100 Buddhas. Joe thinks this is the best one of the 30 he took.

In the event that worshipers don't show up to praise Buddha, statues have been set up to keep up appearances.

Two artisans weave a silk scrunchie.

Even the sweet aroma of the lolipop in Joe's mouth can't mask the stench of death that wafted from the depths of this 1000 year old Khmer temple.

A statue.

A leisurely afternoon bike ride through rural Thailand.

This cat is the mascot of the Asian Olympics. The Asian Olympics need to find their own girlfriend.

This police officer commandeered the bicycle of a little girl. The criminal got away but we all had a good laugh.

The night market at Phi Mai. Pumpkin custard in a pumpkin. Delicious.

Mia lays out a blanket for some afternoon reading amidst the ruins of another Khmer temple.

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