Monday, December 10, 2007

Pics of Thailand and the Loi Kathong Festival

Traditional dress for the young women at the Loi Kathong festival in Thailand.

Fireworks dazzle the ladies of Thailand.

Setting the lanterns free in the river for the Loi Kathong festival.

This woman is old.

The sun sets behind an ancient temple in Ayuthaya.

This is the backdrop for Sagat in Streetfighter Two. It is also the backdrop for a pleasant cup of tea.

This picture makes me want to be a Buddhist. Sunset in a tranquil garden with the Buddha.

I was so fortunate to see this. It is an ivory white mare in a lush green field by a crystal blue lake beneath a rainbow. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was the only one I could take because when I tried to take a second one the horse grew wings and galloped into the sky.

A man in fruit of the looms beats the bejesus out of a swamp with a big stick.

Joe pretends to be climbing stairs.

Mia in a Buddhist temple. Temple-goers pay for little sheets of gold leaf which they stick on to everything themselves. This saves the temple money by putting the gold coatings of everything in the hands of the patrons. It also makes for a lot of gold things.

A little girl climbs on her mom's shoulders to ring the temple bells.

Thai people give thanks and gold leaf.

Which of these things does not belong?


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