Monday, December 10, 2007

The road to Kampot, Cambodia

Garlic fried Tarantula. Tastes like crab and french fries all mixed together in a hairy, crispy little package.

A Cambodian admires Joe's pearly white smile. "Those teeth are SO WHITE!" he says in perfect english. Joe says, "Awww. Stop it," but he is flattered.

Friends share a rooftop sunset conversation in Phnom Phen.

Sunset over Phnom Phen.

Safety always comes first in Cambodia, which is why they had us all get off the bus and walk across the broken bridge repaired with cardboard and then had the bus drive over after. The man in red holds the bus so it doesn't fall off the edge.

This was the dustiest bus ride ever! The bus stewardess OPENED all the windows when it got really dusty so that we could get our lungs full of dirt faster.

Another giant concert in a sleepy little town. This concert was sponsored by cigarettes s it included games for kids on stage like "Who can stack the cigarette boxes the highest!" Comedians also came on for a comedic kung foo competition. My favorite fighting style was "Pig trying to find some Jam" style. I won't go into details.

A street vendor sells little baggies of orange stuff. Everything comes in baggies here.

Kia, Mia, Nhanh and Cheat show off their hand made masks.

Coloring time at the orphanage.

Joe supplied photocopied drawings of all the wrestlers the kids asked for so they could color them in. Seen here: John Cena and Batista.

A discount on onion and cheese omelets and a temporary buzz from paint fumes are all Joe needs to get him up on a wicker stool and painting the walls of the Epic Cafe, a haven for the disabled.

Mia directs a group of orphans in "Pin the Tail on the Rabbit".

This child only gets ten cents a day for hanging laundry from sunrise to sunset. Not really. He was trying to spy through the window to shoot someone with a pea shooter and he accidentally knocked down someone elses clothes. He looks so innocent in the photo though.

"...and then the proctologist says, 'Rectum!? It nearly killed him!"

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