Monday, December 10, 2007

Orphans, Boat Trips and Motor Bikes

A Cambodian fisherman walks his boat out to sea. The coast in the background is the closest land but even this far out the water is only knee deep.

Joe displays two twigs which he used to single-handedly kill a whole army of giant red ants that had invaded our boat. Joe is very brave.

Two Cambodian women show us how they harvest rice by hand with a tool that looks like a wooden boomerang tied to a knife.

Mia pets a cow in what looks like a child's drawing come to life.

Stilt houses line the river that flows between Kampot and the ocean.

This isn't the picture of snake swimming across the water in front of our boat but it is less blurry and the composition is better so pretend that the is a SNAKE swimming across the river right in front of our BOAT!

Fishermen head out for a long night at sea.

Mia at the local Kampot market hand picking some fresh apples.

The markets sells everything we need for a fresh, homemade cucumber salad except for the Italian dressing.

Mia poses in her very own checkered scarf. A staple of Khmer fashion. The beach of Kep can be seen in the background.

These three kids posed for us and then took one of our bottles of water. Hooligans.

Mia takes the Honda Wave out for a spin. Beep Beep.

Two young ladies out on the town.

Matching his and hers helmets are a MUST for the tourist who is seen about town.

This game involves jumping up BACKWARDS over a string of rubber bands, catching it in your toes as you go, and then whipping it underneath you with your leg while in the air, thus clearing it. It is played on rough concrete. Extremely impressive to watch. This girl is flying TOWARDS the camera.

Nhanh (Nee-an) rests against a wall. She is one of Mia and Joe's favorite orphans. If they were older and richer, they would adopt her.

Nhanh, Mia and Noch.

Joe gives Nhanh a lesson on motorbiking. Lesson One: Always look cool by wearing over sized Italian sun glasses instead of a visor.

Having acquired a ravenous taste for crab, Joe dons a helmet and goes after the biggest crab the coastal waters of Cambodia have to offer. Crabs are DELICIOUS!

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