Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A little more from Joe on Kampot.

(By Joe)
Since I haven't written anything since we arrived in Cambodia I will just fill you all in on a few more things. The traffic here is wild. There are no laws. No laws. The only things I need to have on my person when riding my Motorbike (which I LOVE) is the business card of the company that rented it to me. No drivers licence. People tend to follow a drive on the right common mentality but this is by no means followed by everyone. MAybe, 70 percent at best. Along with the mixings of people doing anywhere from 2 miles an hour on bicycles to people doing 100 on motorcycles and in Toyota Camreys, there is also the aimlessly wandering dogs, cows, chickens and people that must constantly be dodged when going anywhere.

Mia mentioned our boat trip, but what she didn't mention was the snake that was in the water by our boat. The very water which I later won a diving competition in. (I won against an man from Scotland, so you know I brought my A game.) At one point when we docked for a stretch our bot was flooded with monstrous red ants the size of wasps, and, having been allergic to ants as a child and not knowing whether or not I still was allergic, I set about killing them one by one. My weapons were two short twigs which, when combined with lightning speed and perfect aim, spell lethal for the insect world. (One ant bit me but I was OK.) I also got a chance to steer the boat with a bamboo pole again, a skill which will be completely useless once I return to the US of A but one which I continue to hone here in Asia. Partway through our relaxing river cruise we rounded a tight corner and found ourselves heading straight toward a large fishing boat which was sitting long ways across the whole river. Captain Bart did his best but the bamboo shade over our boat snagged on the bow of the other boat and branches started snapping like toothpicks with the sounds of fire crackers. For a second I thought this was going to be another incident of bamboo doing bodily harm to me on a boat but thankfully nobody was injured.

Ok, we are off to make a fresh cucumber vinaigrette salad in our room and watch some HBO so I don't have time to tell any more adventure stories for the time being. More soon. Also, keep scrolling down as there were a number of new blogs and photos posted in the last 24 hours.

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