Thursday, December 20, 2007

Death, death and happy children.

A pile of 8000 skulls excavated from the mass graves created during the genocidal Pol Pot regime in 1979.

Mia wanders through freshly excavated mass graves. It would be more powerful if there was anything historical there besides just a bunch of holes.

The two headed body of a calf rests in a glass tank of formaldehyde. If it would have reached adulthood, just one sip of it's milk would have made a normal man into a winged god.

Mia thrills over the discovery of 3000 tiny Buddha statues and a dead 2 headed cow. She is unhappy that she can't drink it's milk.

Joe had this scarf custom made for Mia. She looks good in it. In Cambodia you call this a 'Krama'. You can also use it as a hat, a skirt, a wrap, a bandage, a fishing net, TP, a tablecloth, a purse, etc.

A deadly spider waits for its unsuspecting prey.

Women ride atop a truck loaded with bags of rice.

Mia and some Buddhas.

Cats can see spirits more easily than people because of their super sensitive eyes. They can also see flies, as pictured here.

At the orphanage the nurse uses a quarter dipped in hair tonic to grind the flesh of a child with a fever. What looks like war paint is actually the equivalent of giant hickeys covering this young man. It did seem to cool him off.

Pol holds his good friend Chikai in his lap at the orphanage.

BINGOOOOOOO!!! Mia plays with the orphans on a lazy Cambodian afternoon.

Deaf children work on portraits under Joe's supervision at Epic Arts Cafe. Mia helped a considerable amount.

Some of Joe's students work diligently to copy down new words off the board.

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