Saturday, July 5, 2008

More indian cities

I know you have already seen a lot of pictures of cows in streets. Here is another one.

When I first pulled the blankets back and saw these sheets I was all, "Awwuh! Nasty!" but then I figured that they were stained this way on purpose to conceal REAL barf stains. Or these sheets were just very, VERY barfed on.

A midnight festival that Joe had no choice but to scope out as it was keeping him up from 3 blocks away.

A man at the festival sits still to blend in with all the statues... and then.. "ZAAA!"

Thought this massive steel Krishna in his chariot are impressive, the real story here is in the man in all white who managed to tail us for a good part of the afternoon. Joe caught on to him quick. The man was a bad spy. Always staying about 30 feet away and acting like he was looking at something else. At one point we passed a hawker who offered Joe a book which Joe examined and passed on. The spy then stopped the hawker and bought the book Joe had examined. We then flipped the game on him.

Who's spying on who now, Creepy!

The 'Bed of Arrows' may sound like a comfortable way to be laid down on a battlefield, but it turns out it is pretty painful. They say this gentleman stayed alive for six months after they stuck him to the ground.

An Indian monsoon blows into town.

An old man storks past a banyan tree said to be an off shoot of one planted by Krishna. (Tree not pictured.)

Mia, Isabelle, Stephan and Ringo cross a busy highway while Joe almost gets hit by a car trying to take a sweet picture.

This was the final step in a very long line of steps on a promotional poster.

Joe gets one step closer to being a Seik at "The House of Turbans"

Toomhara Style accha hai!

Stephan kickin it Punjabi on a vinyl couch in the back seat of a hired ride.

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