Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Indian Safari

After only 4 hours of sleep we awoke early in the morning to venture out into the Indian wilderness. We were in search of tigers, elephants, and whatever else we could find. We wanted that perfect photo. The one worh a thousand words. The photo of something that people back home had never seen. This... is our story....

5:00 am. Joe and Mia sleep on the couch in the hotel lobby while they wait for the jeep to arrive. The hotel manager is angry about losing his spot on the couch (where he was sleeping) and awakens them to say, "If you just want to sleep, you should go back to your room."

6:00 am. The journey begins!

6:30am. The first animal we spot is the mysterious and majestic Blue Cow. It looked like a horse cow to me. A blue horse cow.

Mia! Look at this Blue Horse Cow! Oh.

7:00 am. Next we spot what was described to us as "the female Blue Cow." It is not blue. I could not tell if it was female from my vantage point, but I trusted our guide . I trusted him to not only provide me with accurate information about fauna, but to save my life should one of the fauna attack!

7:45 am. Joe goes for a pleasant stroll through the flood planes and steps over large chunks of wild elephant evidence while scouting for more animals.

Joe sees.... A wild peacock! They are everywhere!

Mia come out and look at this wild Peacock! Mia?

8:30 am. We press on through the misty jungles despite increasing rain and darkening skies. We can't stop yet. We still need that perfect shot. Something powerful, beautiful and original.

9:45 am. Mia finally wakes up and says, "That safari was boring."(true story). The group hikes up into a blind and scans the land. There there! Over in those bushes! Hand me the camera!

Finally we see something worth photographing. The safari is a success!

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Randy said...

you know, as i was reading this - i was expecting to see some "blue horse cow" taking a dump as your "shot"... but an old guy, who appears to be doing the latter, surrounded by flower pots was equally enjoyable