Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Manali: The ankle of the himalayas

Joe sulks by a tree after Mia says he has to 'walk himself' because everyone else is too tired to carry him anymore.

A typical Manali home.

Mia and Isabelle.

This is where we would live if the land of Whinnie the Pooh was real.

Isabelle crests a hill.

Mia relaxes after a hike in a lush meadow overlooking the 'knees of the Himalayas'

This is Marijuana. It is almost as dense here as the hoards of hippies that crowd the town to smoke it.

A little man in his smartest evening vest.

Two ladies have a good laugh over whose husband collected a bigger pile of firewood in one hour. Gertrude's husband is the winner, again.

A group of local youths draw an elderly crowd of volleyball lovers.

Two women have a tiff over who is holding the larger woven basket. Agatha is the winner. It's an upset!

Distracted by idle gossip, a woman loses her whole load of apples to a sneak cow.

Check out these socks.

Tiny legs protrude from what will soon be the contents of the biggest doobie EVER!


Two local shepherds.

Mia looking fit on yet another hike into the mountains.

Oh, THIIIIIS is what it feels like to be a beaver.

Zorbing. A person is strapped into a giant inflatable ball and rolled down a grassy ski slope. It... is... AWESOME!!! (kind of) Ask Joe for details.

A mighty man on his valiant steed. Joe steered this horse all by himself*.

*With a little help from the man standing next to him and Mia.

Our bus passes a truck on a deadly mountain road.

A street performing girl tight rope walks on a wheel for spare change.

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