Wednesday, July 16, 2008

McLeod Gange: Home of the Dali Lama

An umbrella repairman rakes in the cash in one of the rainiest towns in the world.

Looking out a lonely window at homes of the displaced Tibetan government.

Old people.

Mia and Joe REALLY enjoyed the first half of this mango. Then... ROOOAAAAAA!!! India 2008.

A misty town square in the mountains. Then.... ROOOOAAAAA!!!

The view from out hotel balcony.

Hey, who unleashed those animals* at the public pool?

*animals: hairy men in speedos. Not the sheep being stalked by men with corncobs and umbrellas.

A lovely Himalayan waterfall.

This one goes out to those of you who complain we don't have enough 'couples' shots on the blog.

Tibetan prayer flags provide shade for grazing sheep.

This is where we meditated for 12 hours a day during our silent retreat. It's better than meditating in a cave.

Mia walks down a mountain into the fog. What lies around the corner? A fog monster? No. More peaceful scenery.

Out on our balcony in the damp, chill air.

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