Monday, January 28, 2008

Waterfalls and chicken heads

Mia howls with terror when she sees how haggard I look with so much dust caked to my face after a long day of motorbiking through dust. As a recovering chocoholic I'm used to this look on me.

Rotisserie chicken heads at a roadside stand.

Mia climbs a tiny Asian path to a waterfall.

This is the waterfall.

After I finally got up here I realised I had accidentally forgotten the lion cub down at the bottom, so I declared MYSELF the king of the jungle.

I pause and wait at the waters edge. This suit is clingy and the water is very cold. I have to time my exit just right...

Real live coffee beans in a real live coffee plantation. The beans taste like a raspberry pomegranate combo before they dry out. Why not juice this delicious fruit? Starbucks?

Mia washes out her shampoo in a mountain waterfall.

Mia waves a friendly hello.

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Marla said...

Joe & Mia!! I was so absorbed in the career ponderings that I forgot to check the blog!! (bad mom, bad mom) 'til today! Oh I'm so glad these wonderful waterfall shots have replaced my recurring night terrors of squealing hogs tied to bus you've both assured me that public transport as we travel will be oh-so wonderful. After the bus expose' I started doubting.
These are the best photos yet - I'm quite sure I'm be able to retire on the proceeds from the ebay auction of Joe's "bedspread" print! Love you!