Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pics from Laos

Boating the Mighty Mighty Mekong on the way to a tiny little village the locals call Ban Paklung.

Sunset over Laos.

Charlie waits in line at an all you can eat for 50 cents vegetarian street restaurant in Luang Prabang

Mia and Rebecca crouch down into the frame to tell me, "Hey! Stop taking pictures of just our LEGS, JOE!" My photo of their legs is ruined.

Little boats line the muddy river banks.

The entire strip along the river in Luang Prabang is lined with locals playing Bacci Ball. They play for $4 pots every game.

This was like a bamboo bridge to Terebithia. Though my best friend didn't die trying to cross it, the bills in my walled took a painful hit.

Our friend Vinnie tell me, "You need to tone this down a little. On second thought, a LOT!"

Tiny fishing boats line the Mekong river.

The following are a series of portraits we took in Ban Paklung. We printed these and more out and returned to the village to distribute them to all the people who had been so kind as to let us take their picture. Here an old man sharpens a knife.

An old woman prepares some fresh fish.

A family hangs out the window to talk to neigbors.

A old woman takes a break from napping on her porch to pose.

Two friends up to no good.

Pushing a wheel with a sick. Smoking a candy ciggarette. Another lazy Sunday.

Mia and Rebecca taste their curry in a Lao cooking class.

Four friends take a parting photo before attempting to tube the ice cold Mighty Vieng Nam River.


Marla said...

Oh what a time, what a time you are having!! It's strange to see Rebecca & Charlie in the photos; I'm so glad they got to travel with you both. After reading the odd "horror story" of NY Day, I'm extra glad - safety in numbers. You all appear to have survived still healthy - strong immune systems no doubt. I notice you're all in collared t-shirts for the Hash - sanctioned for the run? I love you and cannot wait to join you!

CresceNet said...
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