Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Years Photos 2008! See story below!

A Vientiane fireworks specialist puts on a show.

Although she turned out not to be Japanese, our host still knew how to thow a great New Years Eve party.

Mia gets down traditional style with a glass of watered down whiskey and a friendly old man.

3 generations of ladies (and Mia).

Fish, crickets, clams vegetables of all shapes and sizes. One of our hosts shows Mia how it's done.

New years day- the tractor ride. Made more uncomfortable by our host wearing a silver helmet and breast feeding.

Jame gives Carlies beard a delacate yet firm scratching and then quickly places his hand on his own chin as Charlie rolls away. Jame hopes the magic of such a magnificent beard will trasfer. Charlie feels uncomfortable.

Pinky cops a squat, deciding whether to pee or poop. "What will I watch my parents guest step in next..." she thinks.

Strings of good luck are tied to Rebecca's arms and prayers are said on each of them.

This gentleman was the only guy in the group who kept it together. We respected eachother. He sat next to me, and told Jame to tell me I was his friend. Then he asked for a picture to be taken to commemorate the event. This picture could be used to sell a watch. If only I was wearing a watch.

Rebecca is a good sport and dances her 30th dance of the evening with Noy.

Noy was once a beauty queen until a monk passed her at a pageant one day many years ago. He renounced his monkhood and bought her right then and there. He, was Jame. Now she lives on a porch and is covered in pee. We saw pictures of her when she was younger. She was very beautiful.

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