Monday, January 28, 2008

4000 islands and fist fights

Mia poses with the greenest leaves a human being has ever seen.

Again we try and capture the neon green fields on digital film.

This is a picture of Joe that he took for the cover of his his upcoming debut album. If anyone has any song ideas, please email

Mia gazes up at a giant ancient Buddha statue in an even more ancient mountainside temple. Human sacrifices once took place here.

The view from the mountainside temple.

Walking down the broken steps on a stone path lined with knotted flowering trees.

I didn't even know trees like this existed outside of fairy tales. They do. These all grow up directly out of the old stonework lining the path.

A typical rural Laotian family claps for our arrival.

The motorcycle path onto the beach where ferries leave to the other side of the Mekong river.

Out on the motorcycle ferry. In the back ground you can see the car ferry. 3 old mismatched boats tied together and covered with wooden planks. Just like out ferry but larger.

Joe invades Mia's personal space in order to get the best shot of the two of them boating to their guesthouse in the 4000 islands region.

Island living at its best. Joe completed this 500 piece "Animals of Australia" puzzle while Mia caught up on her reading.

This is an insect Joe discovered. It is currently being confirmed as a new species. The shinicus pagicus.

On the 4000 island there are so many bugs that at night they put plastic grocery bags beneath the light bulbs to catch all the bugs dying on the bulbs. The dark stuff in the bag is bugs and the bag was empty an hour before this picture was taken.

Our bedroom window view in the 4000 islands.

Two children kick box each other. This has replaced the bedtime story in Laos.

Two kick boxers dance around the ring before savagely beating each other.


Randy said...

good stuff, as usual

Bridget said...

HAH! I like it all.

I'm here in my office hiding from the chil'ns - we are going to have critique today. A whole week late. There will be some small shaming.

I hope the three of you are having the best time ever!

Jennifer said...

I hope you were not anywhere near the earthquake! Mariposa lot down to $115K. Showed my first million dollar home. Den ruptured a disc. Life goes on-hope all is well Love Jenni