Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trek through Ledakh

Our trek begins. Mia sets out across the barren wasteland of Ledakh.

Joe tries to take a shortcut but with only minimal luck.

Crossing a broken bridge.

Joe shows off one of the many ways to wear the Cambodian krama. Pictured here: the scarf.

Mountain village.

Mia admires a shelf full of brass pots. When she strolls over to touch them her hand is slapped away.

These pots are not for guests. Please return to your seat and drink your tea from your Donald Duck sippy-cup.

A little boy poses on his doorstep. His toes wriggle in his own pee.


Paper-mached sheep skulls rot on a gate.

An old man spins a prayer wheel. Most of the men who are too old to work spend their days praying and focusing, hoping to secure a higher reincarnation in the next life.

Balls of yarn wait for the long winter months when nobody can leave the house and sewing is the only pass-time.


A devil child.

Mia points to where a herd of sheep is not. The herd of sheep is down beneath her in the ravine.

Joe pets a donkey. He loves animals.


Mia points the way for Stephane.

Joe, at 16000 feet, is too tire to stand up straight for his photo.

The top of the world.

Edible berries decorate a landscape that is hauntingly Arizonan.

Joe, back in thick air, strikes a pose.

YEEEEESSSS. Huuuurrryy to the hhhhhouse. Wheeeen we get there you can pooooooop in the yaaaaard.

Stephane and Isabelle haul themselves across a raging river in a man powered cable car.

Then they stroll in a valley of apricot trees.

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