Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The sweltering deserts of Rajasthan

Local women drag Mia into a holy desert oasis. The scene is reminiscent of a middle school pool party.

Mia's cries of, "These are my only dry clothes!" are cut off as questionable water is splashed into her mouth from above. If Joe's post-Ganges experience is any indicator, Mia's skin can expect some bad times ahead.

Look how many plates this waiter bussed off the tables with his BARE HANDS!

A sandstone desert home boasts some of the finest carvings we have ever seen. All houses built more than 80 years ago have an elephant door in the front. All homes built after have a garage.

A bell.

A Rajasthani man wears all black in the desert. We decided to give him a makeover. This was the BEFORE picture.

This is the AFTER shot. You can see we have trimmed his beard, given him some lighter, summer clothes and used a 5 action whitening cream on his skin.

Joe holds on tightly to his backpack full of cheese in the RAT TEMPLE! Millions of rats everywhere! Is that your HAND in my POCKET? no? YAAAAAAA! Its a RAT!

We were lucky enough to find the one white rat in the temple. However, our true quest was to save the princess locked deep inside.

There she is! Oh no wait... its just an old lady in another room full of rats.

Mia leans out of a shot so that Stephane and Isabelle can have the limelight.

Atop the golden city fort at sunset.

This is what the sun looked like. AWESOME! Like the grille of the Nightrider car. "Sheeeww shewww. Micheal, look out. Someone is trying to sneak up behind you and sell you a camel hair scarf while you watch the sunset. Sheeeeww."

Two women.

Mia sits atop her camel, 'Little Babaloo'. Little Babaloo was a friendly soul. Docile and with a big heart.

The two of them faced anything that came their way with confidence and serenity.

This is Joe and 'Big Babaloo'. They handled life differently.


As we rode by a herd of antelope I couldn't help but wonder if a camel had ever eaten one. Look at those teeth.

Desert Safari.

A desert woman poses in her doorway with her conservatively dressed family.

Women return to town from the oasis well nearby.

Camel shadow.

This is a sculpture of Mia that Joe did in the dunes.

Three friends grit their teeth as the 100th child who has followed our camel tracks into the dunes says, "Hey! Pepsi? Chips? You are AMERICAN! You eat 2 or 3!"

To whom it may concern,
My COMEX brand lock recently ceased opening while locked on my bag. The only thing I was able to gain access to was my REVLON brand nail clippers, which made quick work of your lock. Thanks for your commitment to excellence.

Mia relaxes and watches American TV in our swanky, all stone, palace-style room.


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