Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Himalayan Mountains

Men work to make asphalt roads through the Himalayas using only a soup can tied to a stick and an oil fire.

A mountain butcher sits in a screened in shop with sheep heads piled around his feet.

Clean, clean air. You can see forever here.

An ancient Tibetan monastery silhouetted against the setting sun.

A view.

A mosque.

The desert town of Leh as seen from the palace. I feel that being high up only makes it more scary when intruders attack. It just gives you longer to panic.

Mia glances back over her shoulder as we descend into the depths of the crumbling palace.

A man studies ancient scriptures in a monastery.

Mia checks the old library for something to read. She gives up when she realises the aren't any manuscripts with a drawing of Fabio on the cover.

Joe tries to jump onto a ladder without looking.

Prayer flags with their other end tethered to heaven. Joe climbed up them and stole a golden goose from god.

This is the final picture of Joe not looking anorexic. Shortly after this was taken he lost everything on the trek.

Mia waits patiently to see if a humongous statue of the Buddha will wink at her.

Joe on his PULSAR brand motorbike.

Joe and Mia out on a countryside cruise.

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