Tuesday, March 25, 2008

People from KBC

These two kids called me Uncle Joe and were pretty good fun. They were helpful individually but when you go them together they were nightmares. The tiny one wanted everything slower and safer and the bigger one wanted everything wilder and faster. "Push us FASTER Uncle Joe!" "no, please push us slower uncle joe, it is too dangerous..." "NO FASTER!"

When they helped me with work together it turned into... "Uncle Joe, I'm going to put my hand in the bucket of paint and then put my hand in my mouth!" "Don't do that." "I'm going to put my head in the paint and then open my mouth and then swallow the paint!" "Please, don't do that."

This is Napple (like apple). People have described him as a Malaysian Joe. He is a good guy.

Napple climbs down from a palm tree after cutting down all the coconuts with a pocket knife. He only did this when girls were around.

Joe, Mia, Zack the boat driver, Hans the owner and Brent.

German people a weird, but they know how to have a great time. Marcus demonstrates how a German man applies sunscreen.

These are the same people as in the picture above, but in a different order. You wouldn't know it to look at him, but Zack owns a Chopper, 4 boats, a truck, a Mercedes, and a huge house where he stores a 700 piece T-shirt collection. He also travels every year to places like Europe.

Jelle and Bruce pose in the doorway of the restaurant. Bruce is mostly Stephen Segal. A cook who knows how to kick ass. He shared a wall with us and snored like you wouldn't believe. He would snore so hard that he would inward scream in his sleep. "SnnnnnOOKKKK-aaaAAAAAA!!!... sssSSNNNNNOOKKKK-a-A-AAAAAAA!!!!" It was pretty funny.

This is Kayan. He is one of my favorite people, ever. Half Sri Lanken, half Northern European, with a voice like James Earl Jones, a love of 70's soul music and fast boats, he is extremely well informed about just about everything.

The scuba crew on Kapas. Kaled is smiley here but when he plays volleyball he is stoic and serious. The guy can spike the ball so hard it rings like a bell.

Mie (pronounced 'me') is the only paid member of staff at KBC. Much confusion was caused when people would say things like, "Why don't you and Mie go and finish up the sand moving project," and I would sit around waiting for them to be ready to help me for hours.

Hans is the owner of KBC. A Dutchman. He played baseball for the junior national team in his home country and he doesn't let you forget it. Just in case there is a lull in his glory days of baseball stories he has a tattoo of the Major League logo to remind you he was once a serious ball player. Great guy.

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Bridget said...

I'm so glad there are new posts! I spent hours with Marla talking about you and looking at photos. Maybe I'll Pshop myself into one and pretend I was there... I love you guys!