Tuesday, March 25, 2008

KBC: Not hard work

Joe sits on a table and stares directly into the sun in the KBC restaurant. This was not hard work.

Brent provides a foreground for a photo of the KBC resort. Brent is travelling with us for two weeks. With the three of us on the island we comprised the largest group of Americans EVER to be on Kapas island at one time said one local who hadn't yet arrived on the island when Mia, Marla and Joe were there 3 weeks prior.

Kapas means 'cotton' in Maylay. The island got its name for the soft white sand that rings it.

The backside of the island pre-end of the monsoons.

People play kick the ball to warm up for beach volleyball.

Crystal blue waters may seem like they are tranquil, but these waters have dark motives. They lull a man into a false sense of calm and then they take what he cherishes most and pulls it under, never to be seen again. They took from me my favorite hat and Brent's favorite sandals. They have also taken the fair maidens of Scottish folk singers. Beware.

Brent says, "Do I need to be in the foreground of EVERY picture you take?" The answer is yes. It adds perspective. Here, he is the foreground for a picture of Mia and Meltem hanging out on the beach in front of the KBC restaurant.

Mia and Avril soak up the warmth of a beach bonfire.

Mia poses during a jungle trek to the far side of the island for cliff jumping and snorkeling.

Brent gets a running start at the edge of a cliff. More of a careful, hobbling start because the rocks are extremely sharp and slippery.

Joe and Brent hang out after cliff jumping.

This is what Joe's feet look like from being barefoot for a month. Rugged and manly.

Joe and Brent cook Mexican food for 20 in the KBC kitchen as a thank you for all the staff and our favorite guests. Also because we love Mexican food.

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Marla said...

Ahem! Not to nit pick, but when I myself was on Kapas, the American count was 3 also. Unless Brent counts for more somehow because he was there longer, or he's a boy, or he's younger??
Oh, but it looks SO fun!