Tuesday, March 25, 2008

KBC: Hard work

We worked for room and board on KBC. Here are some pictures of us slaving away...

Mia hangs laundry out to dry after washing them in a washing machine that fell apart in 1975. Joe helped fold. He didn't get the folds perfect.

Joe was often referred to as "The Pirate" when he was in his work outfit, not because of his look, but because of his propensity to steal.

This is what our room looked like before we cleaned it up, ripped out the ceiling, kicked out a window, and moved in new furniture. In the ceiling was a snake (that fell on Joe), in the walls were gecko eggs, mice, roaches, centipedes and scorpions.

This is our room post renovation. We also added a pink mosquito net which really complimented the roofing tiles.

Joe examines a giant stick bug he found while working. Every bug on the island is giant. It's like a Jurassic island.

These are some of the chalets for guests. Joe replaced a few of their porches and floors.

This is a candid shot Mia took of Joe sleeping in with Onan the cat. We nabbed her off the jetty in Marang right before we came and she quickly became a part of the family. It blows the mind how fast a mangy animal from the streets can become a lazy, spoiled princess. (Referring to Joe)

Joe repairs the foundation and porch of a chalet. There were no power tools so he only had his hands, a hammer, a saw, nails, and his wits.

Mia takes a break to rub Onan's belly. Onan takes a break from sleeping ALL DAY LONG to have her belly scratched. In her defence, she spent nights catching mice in our room and eating them noisily at the foot of our bed, which is exactly why we brought her to the island.

Mia relaxes with a copy of "The Economist" while she waits for a load of laundry to finish.

Joe digs a hole in the sand. 'Move sand from here to there' was a common job for the day. It's fun for the first hour.

Joe and Kayan sort wood into usable wood and beach bonfire wood. Kayan stepped on a nail and then when he was joking about safety last he stepped on another nail. That was the end of his joking.

Mia poses with her outdoor sink. She spent many an hour here scrubbing dishes with only a blue and orange bird and a giant monitor lizard to keep her company.

Joe replaced all the pipes so that Mia's dishwater flowed into the first septic tank and then overflowed into the second tank, eliminating the need to transfer it with buckets and stopping it from running out under the restaurant. The tank was full of maggots the size of fingers and they we inexplicably drawn TOWARD hammers and chisels. Sick me out to the max.

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