Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Photos

These two broke the rules and cracked some smiles for their photo shoot. However, I heard they had both remained celibate prior to their wedding, so that may give a clue to the twinkle in their eyes.

Ahhhhh, that's more like it. Stone faced and serious. Traditional. It can be hard to keep a straight face when 50 Cent is screaming in your ears about a fully loaded clip.

Mia bumps and grinds with a woman on the dance floor. This is taking place at the same time as, and ten feet away from, the photo above. Mia had to dance with a girl because all the guys were too busy showing off their sweet moves to each other to be bothered with women. (Joe included.)

All the women in their saris before our second wedding. From left to right... Rani, Mata Ji, Kirin, Devi, Coco, Shamika and Mia.

The entry to a wedding is spectacular. It's amazing what a little fabric and some accent lighting can do to really spruce up a filthy alley.

While everyone else enjoys meals and dancing at the wedding the groom makes his way through the dark streets on a white steed. If he wants a few extra bucks he will pick up a passenger and act as a luxury taxi service.

This is Raj. He's a good guy. He co-signed on my motorcycle for me without me even asking. He also found old photos of me on the internet and loaded them into his cell phone. Then he used them to show everyone that he knew me. We look the same height but he is actually standing on a chair in this photo. Raj's brother, Narish, got me my own bottle of Coca Cola at the soda stand because I was an honored guest. Everyone else just got a glass. They are all so friendly here.

Mia and Rani gossip about who will be next to get married. "I hope it's ME!" they each say before making giggle noises and lightly swatting each other.
(It is more likely they were talking about something serious. Something cultural which could be applied both locally and globally.)

The young lady in this picture is hogging down on her 10th ice cream for the night. She just learned that she can get her way if she shrieks at the top of her lungs and drops to the floor like a wet noodle. The baby does that too.

This groom talked on his cell phone for the whole wedding prior to his bride arriving. "Hello, Alicia? Yeah so guess what... I'm getting married tonightWHHAAATTT!!! Yeah... yeah... so I wont be coming over later... yeah... look I gotta go.... gotta make some more calls. Ok, PEACE!"

Here comes he bride. None of that sappy organ music in India. Just the non-stop pounding of massive drums as she is escorted to her throne by all the women in her family.

Mia acts the princess as everyone gets ready to go at Mata Ji's house.

Mata Ji poses in her finest dress and jewels. She then accidentally put on two different shoes. When she noticed at the wedding she took them off and put them in her purse, choosing to go barefoot rather than have someone notice her lack of observational skills.

Joe enjoys a fruity, pink drink. No alcohol is served at the weddings. They keep everyone happy by providing those tiny umbrellas that seem so hard to find nowadays.

Another groom rides in on his horse. It all seems serious until you look just to the side of him....


Look at all the twinkle lights in the trees and the colors on the fresh fruit stand! Beautiful.

MMmmmmmmm. Delicious!

These kids were all smiles until the camera came out. More importantly, look at the JUMPING CASTLE directly behind us! It's right between the buffet and the thrones! These people know how to throw a party.
(Also important is the shirt on the young boy in yellow. It said, "It's all about CASH in the BANK!" in big silver letters all over it. Come on man, it's a wedding.)

Another wedding well done.

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Seriously, it is all about cash money in the bank.