Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is a baby Joe stole. You can tell she isn't happy about the situation.

I'm not sure what this ad is for, since they read left to right here just like in America, but I suspect I would be happier as the man in the 'Before' picture.

These are some kids I don't know.

Anou and Mia, the respective bosses of Project Why and Joe, have some morning conversation at Mata Ji's house before school.

One thing the next generation of Indians lacks is optimism.

Two lazy elephanteirs practice their men's calendar poses during their lunch break. Just one of the strange things you can see from the balcony of our school.

Chandah helps Mia get dressed for a wedding while Anou lounges on Shamika's bed and conversates.

Joe drives it like he stole it. Indian Taxi. Beep beep.

This is like that New York building that is so famous, but it is in Delhi.

Mia marvels at how a cow can get so large when all it eats are bits of tinfoil and burlap sacks off the street.

The dot on Mia's forehead is sandalwood. The dot in her hair is bird poop.

Joe has a very serious conversation with Munna, a child in the special section. Munna acts extremely serious when he talks and uses all sorts of adult gestures and facial expressions, but all he is saying is "Cucumbers, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Cabbage" over and over in Hindi.

Here he has a whole conversation on a cell phone (piece of wood) using the same two words as above. The call started out friendly but it ended in an argument during which Munna angrily hung up the phone and stormed off.

Mia shows off some of the vegetables she diced up for a spicy dish she was preparing. Delicious!

Joe makes Mia take a break from teaching to take photos of him pretending to teach Carin. "Yes, very good, a conjunction is.... like a... ummm... Mia could you come here and help Carin?"

This man is making pan. It is like a chewing tobacco and he mixes in all the different spices you want right there on the spot. The spit from it is red and every surface below waist level is covered in red spit splatters in Delhi.

This is a mosque in Old Delhi. The tower in the background is where I took the next picture from.

While I was taking this picture everyone else in the tower was taking pictures of Mia and I with their camera phones. Not many white people make it here.

There are many different places to buy your meat in Delhi. Some of them are more sanitary than others. See below....

Mmmmmm. Goat heads.

Mia and I were invited into a 'hospital' that was in a Hindu temple complex. Then we got in there and started walking around and noticed it was a BIRD HOSPITAL! For ASIAN BIRDS that were SICK! I wonder what they had? Was it... the FLU!!!! YAHHHHHHH! We got out of there FAST! (and washed our hands.)

...also what were they DOING in this bird hospital anyway? (Pictured at left: A bird hospital mural)

Asian Birds.

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