Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A glimpse of India

It is scary going into other countries and looking around at the children, knowing one day you very well may have to face them on the battlefield. India is going to be a tough country to beat.

Cows are everywhere. They stand in road medians, eat garbage off the sidewalks, and generally act like they own the place. It is perfectly acceptable to give them a good pat as you pass them on the street.

A boy proudly displays a chicken in the slums.

Joe steals people's laundry to sell on the streets. He is like the opposite of Santa.

This is Joe number 'do'. He looks and acts very similarly to Joe number 2 in Tucson. 'Do' means two here.

This is the Indian equivalent of eyebrow waxing. The hair is ripped from your body by rapidly spinning thread. Mia put herself up for display while this beautician taught her class this age old art. Her assistant gouged Mia's eye because Mia was squirming.

Boys run over from a mid-afternoon game of cricket to say hello. Mostly everyone here carries around a cricket bat all the time because an impromptu game can break out anywhere.

Mia pulls a Vanna White in our bedroom. It's a few steps up from our other bedrooms this trip. The room actually changes itself to match your outfit!

This powder is used to make the dots or 'bindis' on people's foreheads. I use it to make clouds of red dust into which I disappear at the end of my street magic show.

This is a view through a door.

Our first day out in Delhi. There are so many things here!

This little girl LOOOOVED to touch Mia's leg while Mia was trying to teach.

A street side fruit stand.

The Baha'i Lotus Temple.

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Ryan said...

Joe and Mia,
In another part of the world, we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo so in your honor, I will be eating chips and salsa tonight while staring at a poster of India. Nice pics by the way.

P.S Send me your address, it's important.