Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another day in class

Joe demands that his students respect him. Rinky and Sahida are two of the deaf students we work with in the morning.

This is Day One of Joe and Rinky's mural. Rinky is also an artist an works as a beautician in the afternoons.

One of the classes in the slums. They can really pack in the peanuts.

The title of this educational poster is "Digestive System". Every day hundreds of children choke in India because of posters like these. I tried to cross the title out with a marker but my marker died.

We teach afternoon English in one of those rooms like you see in National Geographic. Thrilling!

Joe teaches multiplication to three of the girls while the other two work with Mia on addition.

Pooja says, "Thanks for teaching me math, Mia. You are a great teacher!" You can't hear it though because she says it in sign.

Joe always teaches with a grin instead of an ear twist or a karate chop. The girls have thanked him for that repeatedly. However, they are more than willing to slap each other around for anything from a sassy comment to a wrong math answer.

Deeponker helps Joe get the anatomy just right on a nudie drawing instead of either of them paying attention during English conversation class.

Chandan concentrates on a question written for him by Mia.

Mia uses a drawing done by Joe and Deeponker to explain some things to Sanjay.

Everyone in our morning class loves to watch everyone else work and then give them a good neener-neener if they screw up. Preeti, Pooja and Mia all hold their breath and ready their insults while Sahida works on a timed multiplication problem.

Mia rests her feet after another long day of teaching.

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