Friday, February 22, 2008

My thanks to Mia and Joe

Just a few thoughts about these 2 amazing people (and yes, I know I'm biased): so inquisitive, always discovering, learning, asking, and incorporating what they learn into their process of travel and living life. I know it's partly their sense of time, but they are truly able to take a place in. Even in Kuala Lampur and Kota Bahru (cities), they were discovering and absorbing: the night market, the "wet" market, the bazaar, each new fruit, or the "snake oil" salesmen milking cobras in the street, all is calmly fascinating. The people they meet are drawn in, especially the children. The Malay people smile and say hello! whenever and wherever we pass, even from across the street, or from their porches as we pass on bikes along a country back road. But Joe and Mia are always opening and asking and truly finding out about the lives of everyone they encounter. The other day a blind man approached us at a bus stop to help us determine the best route and timing for the bus south to Cherating. A blind man went out of his way, and I know that it's partly because he sensed, like so many others, that these 2 people are friends of the world. So, thanks Joe and Mia for welcoming me into your life travels. I'll treasure this month and the fun we've shared! Love, Marla

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