Sunday, February 24, 2008

More travel with Marla

This is what Joe looks like when he is about to see a shark. Sexy.

Does life get any better than this?

Mia prepares to eat the tastiest, most tenderest, least rubberiest squid the world has ever seen. And it is slathered in a Garlic butter reduction sauce that still makes my mouth water.

Mia on her daily run on the beach.

This gentleman does not have a building permit or a liquor licence. He simply builds his little bar on the beach with scrap wood illegally and then he rebuilds it every few years when the government shows up and demolishes it.

This is Trigger. He could sure talk a big game about whooping up on Joe and Mia in some 2 on 2 volleyball, but he couldn't back it up. We beat him at least twice. I can't remember if there was a third game because at no point was I even paying attention. So easy. He builds underwater sculpture galleries in his spare time to raise money for coral rehabilitation.

Joe poses in front of a giant squid and shrimp sculpture in a town square Mia referred to as 'Bland'.

Mia looks up from her lounging spot on the surface of the sun.

Joe leisurely serves a volleyball over to a Swedish girl who has hiked her suit up too high.

Mia climbs over some of the most spectacular rocks Joe has ever seen. The island of Pulau Kapas is covered in all different types of sedimentary rocks.

Joe and Mia learn about a snail.


Mia and Marla on the far side of the island on Pulau Kapas.

This is what Joe looks like in action. 1 second later he was completely soaked.

Mia and Marla trek through a crazy mix of huge succulents and tropical jungle.

This guy rode his horse into the ocean and then just made it stand there. It seems really romantic when you hear about it in a novel, but in real life it looks lonely and dumb.

Two showoffs.


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Anonymous said...

hey was google-ing "pulau kapas" and ran into your blog
your captions are hilarious
makes me look forward for my kapas trip in a few days

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Dave said...

What's up dudes? Happy Easter!

In case you cared, we lost in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament.

On the plus side the desert is all full of flowers and nice, but I accidentally ran over a snake today on my bike ride.

Sarah still wants to get a monkey. I wish we had time to come out and visit you.