Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pictures of caves and climbs

People look like ants from this high up. Thai ants.

Mia looks down from a cliff. 'Those people look like ants,' she thinks.

Our climbing guide, Guy, straps Mia in for a full morning of thrills.

A cliffs eye view of Railey East, courtesy of Mia.

This is how high we climbed. Notice the tiny red spot half way up is a person. Click any of these to enlarge.

Just before going over the first of the three falls on our way down to the lagoon.

Thai churros are Gigantic! In this photo Joe tries to wrestle one from the grasp of a Godzilla!

Notice the handprints on the tree roots behind me. See the following blog for details.

Inside the lagoon we watched as the tiny circle of blue light above us faded to an inky, starless black.

Climbing the mudfalls to get out of the lagoon and the cree-eepy jungle after dark.

This is one of the bungalows we stayed in. See through walls come standard.

This was also one of our bungalows. It was the same price as the one pictured above but far, far nicer. We spent a few days in here hiding from the rain.

Boating our way to Reilay. Notice the jade colored water.

Sunset in Ao-nang.

Nothing says a day at the beach like a CORNCOB. Crazy brits.

Sea Kayaking.

This is the very beach where David Beckham and Posh Spice fell in love (all over again). This is also where we had a tunafish picnic.

Sunset beach walk and boat viewing.

All aboard the polar express.

Open air taxi's are the standard here. Often the drivers pimp them out X-Zibit style.

A boy on a boat.

Exploring around Reilay.

This is a mouth (rear) of a cave that opens 200 feet in the air on the face of a cliff over looking Reilay west.

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