Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hill tribe pictures

This is the cutest kid EVER. He is one of the children of the Lahu tribe we visited.

Mia practices her Pig Latin.

The girls. Mia, Kate, Andrea and Kelly.

The following are examples of how young kids react to Mia and Joe.
Ex 1. Mia enjoys an early morning breakfast with a group of hilltribe children.

Ex 2. A child tries to escape from amature photographer Joe, and, finding himself unable to make it all the way up the stairs on his own, cries.

Ex 3. A family of hilltribe children crowd toward Mia to be the closest too her when she snaps a shot.

Ex 4. A group of children run as fast as they can when Joe approaches with the camera. (I still love this picture).

Hill tribe women and their babies.

This young man tells his business associate, "Call me when I have some pants on."

A pair of old tribal women prep a beetlenut ball for Joe to chew. It turns your teeth black but protects them from decay.

Two cute kids.

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