Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pictures From Singapore and Malaysia

Mia takes a moment to pause in a park overlooking a Singapore marina.

The Singapore skyline at night.

Chinatown Singapore. We ate a giant bay bug here and two bratwursts surved up mustardy by a fun loving Austrian gent.

Joe and the Indian man who served us a ridiculous amount of food for nearly free. Joe is slouching here, and bending his knees.

The island of Tioman as seen from the ferry.

Little girls in their end of Ramadan outfits in Salang on Tioman Island.

Team Sea Force on patrol.

An afternoon game of multinational beach volleyball.

I don't know if you guys are sick of pictures of monkeys but tough cuz I'm not sick of taking them. I have many more. Today I was taking a portrait of one and it suddenly got angry and chased me and screeched at me and it wouldn't stop. I ran all the way back to my hotel with it chasing me and I was so scared I got goosebumps and almost cried. Above, a woman stole a baby monkey frome its mother, then she gave it a good shampooing and let us play with it.

This is a cat asleep on a shelf in a grocery store. When we get to the right country, we will eat these animals.

Joe examines the skyline while crouchiong on the root system of a ginormous tree deep in the rainforest.

This is a bridge that looks onto a backdrop. Beneath those lilly pads lie 7 foot monitor lizards with a taste for... bird eggs and frogs!

Mia stands on our front porch in Air Batang on Tioman Island.

Giant fruit bats, Stoto.

Joe savors the sweet milk of a coconut he climbed up a tree and picked all by himself. Mia will tell you she saw a young child do the same, but it is a lie.

Joe explores a massive abandoned resort in the jungle. The multi-million dollar structure was condemned weeks before its grand opening because of poor construction. It still sits vacant and fully furnished 12 years later, slowly being reclaimed by the flora and fauna.

This monsterous building is a birdhouse that one of the hotel owners is building to attract birds on the island of Tioman. His hotel for PEOPLE consists of about 20 wood shacks in poor repair.

Mia learns the fastest way to catch a disease is to let a young boy play 'pop the bubble' with his grubby little hands.

Nothing satisfies on a hot day like a chocloate covered pancake filled with ice cream.

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Marla said...

Forget about salmon samwitches - go for the chocolate pancakes with ice cream! So much fun in the sun! Love you!