Tuesday, September 4, 2007

September 4th,

We are staying at the Asylum Hostel in Sydney, Australia. Everything is shutting down here because of the APEC summit which is meeting all week. We walked down to the Sydney Opera House and looked at it from the outside but we couldn't go in. We also saw some famous bridge that we were told costs $200.00 to walk across so we just took some pictures of it. The weather is perfect for walking around all bundled up and ducking in and out of little stores and huge churches. Freezing wind and spots of rain are punctuated by warm rays of sunshine. We did a foot tour of the city today and stopped to read to eachother every time we found a bench in a scenic spot. There were plenty of them.

We also walked through the botanical gardens which were not only beautiful but free. The little ponds and fountains were full of colorful, exotic birds, that are probably just like pigeons to the Australians, but were very exciting to us. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon chasing them around with the camera, Joe practicing his animal photography.

Last night we went out to eat with everyone staying in the hostel (probably about 25 of us), came back to the house and played drinking games (shirts vs. skins pictured above) and then went out dancing (also pictured). It was a darn good time.


Tara said...

You two make me smile. Also, does this mean that the myspace thing is off (Please God!) Love you both.

Rebecca said...

MIAAAAAAA JOE I'm so glad you decided to do this...it doesn't seem very Mia-like but I'm liking it so far. Sorry we didn't get to chat before you guys left. Wishing you a WONDERFUL trip and I'll be in touch. LOVE YOU

Ryan said...

Dear Joe and Mia,
Glad you are having an excellent time in the land down under.

Your Friend,

P.S Please steal me a Koala.

Hannah said...

Hey Mia girl! It is so good to hear from you and yours. I was excited to learn about the adventure you were headed out on in your letter. Congradulations on graduating! I finally finished up this summer:) what an experience you are going to have, I look forward to seeing and reading future events. Take care, be safe, and of course have a great time!
All the best, Hannah

Nicole said...

Mia & Joe. Charile & I are sitting in 206 feeling the weight of the loss of your presence but comforted by this blog. It sounds like you having a blast. I am glad found time to read. Literacy is very important to the Australiains. Don't listen to that Tara; keep TheSpace! xoxo

Mia said...

Huh, I guess I can comment on my own site- how nice!
TC, I am still on the space, but not blogging there, as even doing this much is reaching far beyond my tech/communication comfort zone.

Becca, you're right. This is NOT my thing. Am I supposed to email you guys every time I post a new blog, or will you just check it periodically?

Ryan, hello.

Hannah, congratulations to you too on graduating! Hooray! Now you can come meet us.

Oh Nicole, how I miss you. Is Charlie taking good care of my gardenia? Has it bloomed yet? How's the new job? xoxoxo

Jess said...

Hey guys! I'm glad you are doing this post thing. Australia is lucky to have you. Keep having fun.
Love you!, Jess

Bridget said...

Hello dear ones! I am excited to have a peek at your adventures... We had some very Doyle low key fun in Hawaii. I'll make a PhotoBucket or some such link so you can have a gander at the island. Ray is always a good time - he knows so much! Kawika says hello and love and hugs and he's as excited for your travels as any of us - bfoster@hawaii.edu I think is the way to find him. I'll update that if it's wrong. Marla and I are off to the swimming pool to make some vitamin D! love love love you!

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